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CELINE is a French ready-to-wear and leather luxury goods brand that has been owned by LVMH group since 1996. It was founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana.

Documenting the New York campaign.  


New York Campaign 


Hinge is a dating app founded by Justin McLeod in 2012. The app uses connections to Facebook friends to facilitate connections. With a goal to be seen as younger and cooler than or eHarmony but less superficial than Tinder, Hinge dispensed with Tinder-like swiping and used the slogan "the relationship app".

Candide shoots of couples


I'm French But i don't Smoke

Inspired by the artistic and cultural values of the youth culture. Alternative music and independent films is the inspiration of each collections, cultivated the images of this romantic and rebellious youth, with iconic French styles.

Dazed Article 

8x10 Polaroid Event in Los Angeles 

8x10 polaroid


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